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The Cyclist Troops of the Swiss Army

The new army model "Armee 95" has covered three cyclist regiments (Rdf Rgt).

Rdf Rgt 4   Rdf Rgt 6

Radfahrerregiment 4

Radfahrerregiment 5

Radfahrerregiment 6


Batallion Cycliste 1

Radfahrerbatallion 3

Radfahrerbatallion 5

Radfahrerbatallion 2

Radfahrerbatallion 4

Radfahrerbatallion 6

Radfahrerbatallion 7

Radfahrerbatallion 8

Radfahrerbatallion 9


The Rdf regiment 4 with its catchment area in the western third of Switzerland, the Rdf regiment 5 from the central midland as well as the Rdf regiment 6 as the eastern Swiss formation. A Rdf regiment consisted of in each case three cyclist batallions with approx. 500 men. The 'Ordre de Bataille' of the Rdf Rgt 6 shows the organization.

A Batallion was divided again into companies. The predominant part of it were combat companies, with varied armament. A cyclist batallion consisted of the following companies:

  • Cyclists Companies, equipped with antitank weapons ('Panzerfaust)' and/or machine gun
  • Cyclist PAL Company, with antitank defense guided weapons
  • Light Mortar Company
  • Mortar Company
  • Anti Tank Company with vehicles of the type Tow Piranha
  • Medical Supply Company for the salvage and supply of wounded soldiers
  • Command Company, protection, supply and logistics of the ombat companies

Each company consists of several platoons with special tasks. An example for it: The platoons of the cycl comp I/9 (Rdf kp I/9)


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