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The Cyclist Company I/9...

... was my unit. That is why it is something like the host company of the website Ich will therefore introduce it to you briefly.

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The Cyclist Company I/9 was the first of three cyclist companies of the Cyclist Batallion 9, which, together with two other Batallions, formed the Cyclist Regiment 6.

Most of the former I/9er originaly came from the (Swiss) cantons of Zürich, Schaffhausen, Aargau and St. Gallen. What is banding them together is also their sportiness, wich was essential for the achievement of the required score at the physical test during the recruitment. The phylosophy to tackle problem before its getting nastier and plenty of shared experiences from their basic training and the subsequent training courses.

Many of the impressions, which have formed this website arose from the "one-nine". Also the picture of the several galleries, show members of the combat platoons of the Cyclist Company I/9.

The official but regrettably not longer maintained website of of this unit you can find here

In April 2003 the last training course of my company took place. Here you can find a brief report of the activities.

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