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Interesting links related to the Military Cyclists topic

The service of the official websites of the cyclist units have been stopped. Altough there are still some interesting links.

Military Links

Swiss Army (german) the official website of the Swiss Army VBS
Radfahrer Regiment 6 "Verein Radfahrer Regiment 6"
Club with the intention to cultivate the fellowship of former cyclist of the Radfahrer Regiment 6
Rdf Rgt 6
Radfahrer Batallion 5 The pages of the former Rdf Batallions still wait for their revision. The links still work at least ... Rdf Bat 5
Radfahrer Batallion 6 Rdf Bat 6
Radfahrer Batallion 9 Rdf Bat 9

Technical Stuff related to Military Bicycles

Condorclub Holland
Legerfietsen in Zwitserland
Ben van Helden is a very passionate collector with a faible for the Swiss Brand "Condor". He also dedicated some pages to the Swiss Military Bicycles.

If you ar looking for a Swiss Military Bicycle or some spar parts, you are right on thiss your site.


the "Nostalgic Cyclist Company of the SVMLT" Club with the intention to appear at certain events with original equipment from several eras.


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