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Military Cyclists today

With the abolishment of the Swiss Military Cyclist Troops an era came to its end. No other army of the world operatess an two-wheeled branch as a combat unit. The Cyclists have been an example for Power as well as a symbol for the uniqueness how a small mountainous country would have been defending itself in event of war. I could experience the sympathie offered by the people along the roads and in the villages we came across.

Since the definite out for the Swiss Military Cyclist Troops, a handfull of projects have been started, targeting the remeberance of a story lasting for more than a century. Some of them, I would like particularly to mention:

  • the "Nostalgic Cyclist Company of the SVMLT"
    with the intention to appear at certain events with original equipment from several eras.
    Manuel Eichenberger
    Talbachstrasse 23
    5722 Gränichen

  • "Verein Radfahrer Regiment 6"
    The club was founded with the intention to cultivate the fellowship of former cyclist of the Radfahrer Regiment 6

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