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A last Time in the Saddles
Not as expected:

Instead of merging the hole Cyclist Company I/9 together with the staff company 0/9, as was planned, the “one-niners” dislocated already on their first day to Neukirch-Egnach by the Lake of Constance.
There they were integrated as a 4. platoon into Cyclist Company II/9, and were sent on 80 km ride the same evening.
For the coming training sections the 4. platoon was even splitted off. Of Course the guys didn’t like that all but they had to take it.

Under these circumstances the “one-niners” tried, to keep their strong company by coming together in the evenings and during breaks. But their proud grew again, when the catched all three medal positions with their teams in a sports competition in Week 2.

Close to the end of the course, the final mission needed to be accomplished. During two days and nights at full combat-readiness the cyclists changed their operational area nearly nonstop.
A more detailed overview over the actions during the final missioin you can find here.

There is also a small picture gallery to this topic.

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