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The equipment of "Fahrrad 93"


To stop such a massive vehicle under all climatic conditions and on all kind of surfaces reliable brakes are needed. In interaction with the ceramic-coated rims the hydraulic brakes of the German manufacturer MAGURA work excellent and are also nearly maintenance-free.


The 7-speed gear and the SHIMANO derailleur are protected against stones, branches or other stuff by massive steel parts. The relatively large gear ratio makes it easier to climb even alpine tracks. Where the riders of 'Ordonanzrad 05' had often to dismount and to walk beside their vehicles, those equipped with the new bicycles could cross even mountain passes.

Repair box

Each bicycle is equipped with a repair box containing of a tool kit, a tire repairing kit and a air pump. Current maintenance and smaller repair work was made by each soldier. On longer rides a mobile bicycle workshop on a truck as well as several spare bikes were to the company's disposal.

Handlebar and saddle

The handle bar offers two different mounting possibilities and allow a certain adjustment according to the riders body height. It may be equipped additionally with civilian bar ends. The saddle of the Dutch manufacturer LEPPER is still the same as was taken for the old bicycle.


Both above the front weel as well as above the rear wheel carriers are installed. The combat pack is tied in front consisting of combat backpack with digging tool as well as two smaller bags. The rear carrier has fixations for weapons and ammunition carriers depending upon armament of the cyclist. The following variants are available.

  • Device for the attachment of a 'Panzerfaust'
  • mine and/or ammunition carrier (baskets to both sides)
  • machine gun carriage
  • machine gun carrier
Pictures of standard loadings:
Front-pack: Combat backpack with helmet Toolbox of the repairman Universal Pannier Panzerfaust (17kg)
Machine gun ammunition carrier Machine gun carrier with weapon Mounting carrier for machine gun carriage
Universal carrier with 6 cm mortar Universal carrier with ammunition for 6 cm mortar  

All Pictures taken from "Reglement zum Fahrrad 93"

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