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The Ordonanzrad 05 has two brakes and a back-pedalling brake. The front brake affects directly the tire of the front wheel with a rubber-pad, whereby a characteristic grinding noise comes up. The drum brake at the rear wheel was only re-tooled starting from 1944. The drum is pressed against the brake pads by a steel cable in the so called "Boeni hub" (designated after the inventor). The friction when braking causes an enormous heat and therefore a characteristic smell. During longer downhill sections, the brakes can overheat and under extreme conditions stop the rear wheel very abruptly, which has already caused serious accidents.

Handlebar and saddle

The bent handlebar allows a pleasantly upright seating position, but also exposes the rider to the headwind. The saddle is formed of one piece of leather and is made to fit with the hundreds of kilometers to the individual needs. - an often painful process!

Ordonanzrad 05
Ordonanzrad with front carrier (not standard), toolbox and tyre inflator.



Fork with front brake


The toolbox below the seatpost


Seatpost and leather saddle

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