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Bicycle 93 - Empiric report

Many cyclists were sceptic about the new vehicle before the introduction. Most of them already rode the 'Ordonanzrad 05' for decades associating good exprierence to the reliable, everlasting vehicle. Would it be possible to build a equivalent stable, low-maintenance bicycle, was the question in the beginning 1990ies?

Even if the 'Fahrrad 93' with its cables, hydraulic gears and the exposed derailleur looks much more fragile, with hindsiight it can be said, that the 'new' bycicle brought important advantages. Especially the driving speeds was significantly increaed.


VorteileThe advantages of the new military bicycle are:


Larger framework offers more comfort to tall riders. Outstanding stability specially allows additional loading of heavy weapons. (Driver + 60kg)

Hydraulic Brakes

With dry conditions the hydraulic brakes' performance is very good. On wet roads and dirt it is still satisfying/good (it must be considered that at the time of the evaluation neither V-Brakes nor disc brakes were ready for production.
Result: easily increased maintenance expenditure for clearly better brake performance

Handle bar

The step to a straight handle bar like those used on Mountainbikes, permits a sportier, more aerodynamic driving position. The assembling of bar ends brought additional comfort to the rider.

Front wheel carrier

On the front carrier all kind of things can be fastened fast and surely. A clear improvement in comparison to the 'Ordonanzrad 05'.

NachteileNobike is perfect ...!


The evaluation of a reliable dynamo did not succeed. The dynamo of the type FER 2000 had to be replaced soon on most of the bikes. (The later Model FER 2001, worked fairly better.)


The first series of bicycles came with a manufacturing error. Hundreds of soldiers had to grind welding seams on their rims in order not to run the risk, to have a flat tire on the first ride. The ceramic coating was partially worn out after some kilometres.

A detail at the end: The reflectors at the pedals sit very loosely in their attachment and therefore cause a loud, rattling noise with each pedal contact. - A quite disastrous fact for the so called "noiseless"?


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