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Maintenance of the Ordonanzrad 05

Depending on the weather conditions and use of the Ordonanzrad the soldiers had to proceed some maintenance tasks. To keep the bicycle fully functional they must go through a checklist. Each week a inspection which went more into the details was made to find smaller damages which could lead to a breakdown later. Of course the bicycles had to be clean and all moving parts had to be well oiled. cwere Je nach Witterung und Gebrauch des Ordonanzrades musste der sogenannte Tages-Parkdienst vorgenommen werden.

Damaged bicycles which could not be repaired by the soldiers themselves were brought to the workshop, where professional bicycle mechanics looked after them. On the way a mobile repair unit was operated by the same staff. To keep the loss of fighting power as small as possible also some spare bicylcles were available for the combat platoons.

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